Bunker Sand

sand for bunker and golf courses

Lintrade's bunker sand is a medium coarse washed silica sand.

The sizing and shape enables the sand to be consolidated, which will prevent ball plugging and not allow the surface to become too hard (causing the golf ball to bounce).

A nationwide delivery service is available for 20-30tonne bulk loads. Today's transport costs determine the price of materials delivered. Lintrade's vast transport network enables the bunker sand to be competitively delivered to anywhere in the UK.

Discount is available for orders over 30 tonne.

Bunker Sand

Bunker Sand information:

Category Particle diameter range Typical % (by weight)
Gravel 8.0 - 4.0mm 0%
Fine gravel 4.0 - 2.0mm 0%
Very coarse sand 2.0 - 1.0mm 1%
Coarse sand 1.0 - 0.5mm 15%
Medium sand 0.5 - 0.25mm 75%
Fine sand 0.25 - 0.1253mm 9%
Very fine sand 0.125 - 0.063mm 0%
Silt 0.063 - 0.020mm 0%
Clay <0.020mm 0.1%
  • Bunker sand Density: 1500kg/cu.metre
  • Bunker sand ph 6.5-7.5